Lender Info

Your lender is just as important as your realtor.  We are YOUR team, working together to get you through the home buying process as smoothly as possible.  Your lender and realtor are always in communication, making sure you have whatever you need to purchase your new home.  Lenders can be either a Mortgage Company or Bank.

You will need a lender for three reasons:  One:  You will need a PreQualification letter from your lender.  This letter is needed for any offer you want to submit to purchase a property.  Two: This letter states how much you are able to spend on a property (a very good idea BEFORE you start your search!).  And Third:  Your lender will ultimately give you the mortage for your home.  

If you already have an established relationship with a lender that you want to use, that's great!  However, there are advantages in using a local lender. Because local lenders are in the direct area of the home you are buying, they have a wealth of information and connections.  Local lenders have dealt with most every local agent, title company, insurance companies and townships.  They also have knowledge about the special specifics for this area such as flood, zoning and "seasonal only" properties.

Listed below are some top local lenders you can call if you do not currently have a lender. 

Doug Miller,  Aspire Mortgage,  DMiller@AspireHomeMortgage.com

101 E. 7th. Ave, Suite 200, North Wildwood NJ 08260

Office: (609) 522-5200    Cell: (609) 827-8688

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Fran Conte, Caliber Home Loans,  franconte@caliberhomeloans.com

Cell: (609) 412-0873

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Joe Conlin, Republic Bank, jconlin@myrepublicbank.com

Cell: (609) 576-7763